National Technology Audit

Real World Problem

Clients had a legal requirement to guarantee their unique national election technology met the challenges it was purchased to deliver whilst ensuring the data input, processing and output matched remaining resilient to security vulnerabilities.


With limited technical ability and under immense global pressures to ensure success of their systems, Cyclopz deployed an in-country team to deliver technical testing, analysis, assurance and reporting to clients to enable secure delivery of the events, meet legal requirements and arm the clients with evidence for post event criticism. The team took an immediate holistic view of the project ensuring the clients understood the interdependencies between the people, processes, technology, and security rather than focusing on a single ‘equipment only’ element.

The team conducted meetings with and briefings to National VVIPs and stakeholders such as the Parliamentary Security Advisory Committee, United Nations, IFES, EU Observation Mission, Ambassadors, Embassy staffs and the top echelons of Government. The events were reported by the United Nations as the most technically secure event run by the nation to date.

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