About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Cyclopz Group Ltd “Cyclopz” is a UK, Hereford-based company with a Global reach.

​​We are passionate about leading and enabling people and organisations to be safer, more efficient and resilient in the digital environment.

​Cyclopz was formed because we continually see single technology-only solutions being offered to clients, only solving part of the problem and often ineffective in demanding, sometimes hostile and sensitive conditions.

We deliver unique, complementary services that take a holistic view of each client’s distinctive environment. We home in on the reliance and the effect of individual components, bringing them together to create harmony.

Using globally recognised frameworks, standards and techniques, we ensure that we operate and promote the latest best practices. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to add value in all areas.

Cyclopz works with a wide spectrum of organisations across the globe where there has been a need for a fast and effective delivery. We are fortunate enough to have fantastic enduring relationships with many clients leading to our involvement in exclusive and challenging programmes and projects.

This is mirrored in our strategic partnerships with companies, bespoke teams, and Academic Institutes. All our partners are chosen because we know they are leading in their area of expertise, of high calibre and deliver exceptional industry trusted solutions.

​Our clients swiftly see results whether we are working in their boardroom, at their front line or across the whole organisation.  We assist them to make informed decisions, deliver what is needed for now and the future whilst getting them to a point where they can move forward on their own.

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​​Ollie Olver – CEO & Principle Consultant

Military Heritage

Our legacy is built from exemplary military service and highly decorated high tempo military missions.

We work daily with veterans and often alongside with those who still serve recognising the enormous value they add to our organisation.

We are proud signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant and have committed to honour the Covenant and support the Armed Forces Community.

We are recipients of the Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award and strive to achieve higher.

Our Values

Have Respect for Others
Act with Integrity
Learn Consistently
Collaborate & Communicate
Build Enduring
Make a
Positive Impact

Services Overview

Digital Harmony brings digital harmony across your organisation. Digital Intervention helps you solve the critical issues that are holding you back and deliver the projects you really need where you need them. Online Accredited Training enables you to develop your organisation whilst investing in your people.

Who We Work With

Government Agencies, Departments & Ministries
Government Partners & Public Sector Businesses
International & Non-Governmental Organisations

Why Choose Us?

All our experts & partners work with us because they are leading in their field, are of a high calibre and deliver exceptional results & trusted industry solutions. Their experience spans decades and no matter how unique their expertise they all know what good looks like and how to get you there and beyond.

Technology can sometimes be confusing. Trying to harmonise across your whole organisation even more so. We understand the detail so you don’t have to but if you do, we will explain it in a language you and your stakeholders understand helping you to stand on your own two feet.

Your Vision, Mission and goals are always at the forefront of all our deliveries. We align to your business need throughout our deliveries but we go further, we ensure your solutions continue to be appropriate and effective for your future.

Too much focus on technology and other elements can lead to loss of focus on the bigger picture, and lead to waste in time, effort and money. It is the outputs and outcomes that are of value to your business and your clients so that’s where we focus our results.

Our network of experts spans the globe and recent projects have seen us working across several countries across UK, Europe and the Middle East.

We practise what we preach and use digital harmony to deliver you results but often it’s important to be embedded with your organisation wherever your based. Every country is different from its environment to its culture both of which will have an immediate impact on your organisation and how we deliver your solutions.

Simply put, were in it for the long haul! We don’t just deliver and run we’re there when you need us most. We continue to work with many of our clients and once you’ve worked with us you will know exactly who to call when the next problem arrives.

Our Reviews

“On behalf of the team in Berlin I would like to extend our thanks for the excellent job Cyclopz did leading our in-country project team over the past 6 months. Cyclopz responded at speed to our initial request for assistance and you then took command of the situation and organised and led a highly effective and cohesive in-country team.”


“Our project was complex and required not only a very deep understanding of the technical systems we were auditing, but also very careful stakeholder management and client engagement. Cyclopz were the face of the project to the client and stakeholders. The positive feedback we have received from the client Chairman and his senior staff indicates how well Cyclopz performed that role.”


“Without a doubt the success of this endeavour was down to the Cyclopz leadership of the project team. I hope we find other projects to work on together in future.”

James T

“I worked with Cyclopz on a complete digital transformation project in the Middle-East a pleasure to work with. Ollie from Cyclopz attention to detail and engagement with all levels of management is something I desire to learn. He has immense knowledge in the defence sector and is a major player in cyber security scene.”

Shakeel A

“I would like to extend our thanks for the excellent job Cyclopz did leading our Middle East in-country team. The contract came up at short notice and required rapid response and deployment. The team had to be put together from scratch and then managed in a complex and high-threat environment. You supplied the right man for the job!”

Seamus T

“Highly motivated and professional, Ollie from Cyclopz is a natural enthusiast blessed with common sense.”

Vicky M

“Cyclopz’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company. No matter how tense a meeting, Ollie made sure everyone was heard. As a leader, Ollie from Cyclopz earns my highest recommendation. I hope to work with Ollie and the wider Cyclopz team again in the future.”

Sam R

“I can honestly say that Ollie from Cyclopz is a detailed-oriented communications manager (of the highest calibre) who has the ability to manage both staff and projects with balance, without losing sight of the strategic objective. He is a man of esteemed character, honesty and integrity, which is a rare trait today.”

Wayne R

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