Cyclopz Training

“Tasked with delivering a complex technology programme which had chosen to align with the various frameworks we knew we needed to train and qualify our people but didn’t know how to go about it. Cyclopz gave us the solution on so many levels, affordable, effective, and flexible, they even assigned us a training manager to help us with reporting. Result…

“I’ve previously qualified in ITIL V3 but didn’t understand what the new changes to version 4 would mean to me, or if I should invest in the new scheme. The ITIL Lite course enabled me to refresh my knowledge, give me insight into the new version and started me on the path to bring our whole team up to date.”

“I was finding it difficult to keep up with all the changing standards in cyber security. Resilia training helped me develop the skills to develop and deploy solutions to maintain protections. The course was an invaluable source of information and skills that easily integrated into my existing knowledge base.”

“Because I had some training on the previous version of ITIL, jumping straight onto the transitional course was a fantastic option to get up to date. It’s really let me get the most out of the modern frameworks in place at my organisation.”